NATO to continue practical cooperation for enhancing Moldova’s institutional and democratic resilience

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, had an official meeting in Brussels with Mircea Geoana, the Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

During the meeting, they evaluated the current security landscape and explored avenues to enhance the level of information sharing with Brussels authorities regarding the regional situation.

Furthermore, the officials delved into up-to-date issues, such as bolstering Moldova’s resilience, and discussed the outlook and priorities for cooperation with EU Member States. They also addressed the implementation of the objectives outlined in the Individual Action Plan of Moldova-NATO Partnership, building Moldova’s defense capabilities and cooperation to counter emerging security threats.

Minister Adrian Efros emphasized the importance of reinforcing democracy and security in Moldova, underscoring the country’s unwavering commitment in these areas.  He expressed gratitude for NATO’s support and expertise, stressing the importance of ongoing cooperation in areas of common interest.

Mircea Geoana highlighted the importance of close cooperation between NATO and Moldova in enhancing security capabilities and effectively tackling common threats. He reiterated NATO’s commitment to supporting efforts aimed at bolstering democracy and security in Moldova, emphasizing the need for a cohesive government approach to current security challenges.

Ultimately, both parties expressed appreciation for their robust partnership and pledged to continue working together to bolster security and stability in the region in order to respond effectively to current and future challenges.