Together 4Home Affairs

The External Assistance Sector Council ’Together4Home Affairs’ is a consultative body that contributes to the sound management of external assistance. The Council brings together representatives of the MIA&subdivisions and partners every two years to review the implementation of external assistance projects and programmes and to synthesise the progress.

The first Sector Council

To discuss the draft ’Strategy on the Development of the Internal Affairs for the years 2022 – 2030’ and gather recommendations in accordance with the principle of transparency.

The first ’Together4HomeAffairs’ Sector Council meeting took place on March 29 th 2022.

The ’Strategy on the Development of the Internal Affairs for the years 2022 – 2030’, implemented through sector programmes, aligns its operational components with those of development partners, thus providing a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, inclusive and sustainable impact projects.

The Council aims to promote and support strategic initiatives for developing internal affairs field and to encourage multiple partnerships for building a strong basis for efficient resource management.

The second Sector Council

To inform from the primary-source about the multi-dimensional response of the MIA to regional security changes, in the context of promoting the initiative of Romania, Germany and France to mobilize, focus and coordinate actions of the developed countries for technical and financial support to the Republic of Moldova within the framework of the Moldova Support Platform.

The second ’Together4HomeAffairs’ Sector Council meeting took place on September 22 nd 2022.

In order to promote the collaborative working vision with partners, the MIA presented the coordination mechanism of the complex mandate for multiple crisis management, combining the priorities of the three Agendas: emergency, development and integration into the European Union. Mobilising external assistance for tangible results will serve the interest of the whole society in overcoming crises and continuing the process of European integration.

During the meeting, the preliminary results of the external assistance management activity (Februarie-September 2022) were presented in order to ensure transparency and coherence. The existing difficulties will not hinder the internal affairs development agenda to guarantee the security of citizens, respect for the rule of law and good governance.