European integration of Moldova on the agenda of the Minister of Internal Affairs in Brussels

During his working visit to Brussels, Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros engaged in bilateral discussions regarding our country’s integration into the European Union with Diana Jablońska, Head of Georgia, Moldova, Economic Investment Plan Unit, DG NEAR.

During the meeting, Minister Efros emphasized the commitment of Moldova to its European integration path, including the implementation of the acquis communautaire and strengthening the institutional capacities of the Ministry. Additionally, the official expressed gratitude to European institutions for their support in enhancing security, developing infrastructure and improving Moldovan citizens’ living standards.

During discussions, the Minister outlined Moldova’s contributions to Chapter 24 “Justice, Freedom and Security”, an integral part of the European Union acquis consisting of 33 chapters covering crucial EU policy areas, which Moldova is to negotiate with EU member countries.

Additionally, the officials underscored the importance of establishing predictable, long-term mechanisms within national institutions to streamline cooperation. These measures are crucial for enhancing Moldova’s capacities and expertise in European integration. Finally, they reiterated their openness to strengthen partnerships with European institutions to promote security and stability in the region.