(video) EU Ambassador to Moldova Jānis Mažeiks highlights the importance of the International Forum “Child Safety Online” for the efforts to protect children in the online environment

The concluding panel of the Forum will focus on secondary prevention efforts, particularly through measures targeting sex offenders, such as the implementation of a national sex offender registry. Key topics will include European policies and legislation on mandatory registration and monitoring of sex offenders; the experience of EU countries in putting in place such registers; analysis of the national context and prospects for developing a national monitoring register for sex offenders, as well as rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for sex offenders.

The panel will feature contributions from the Minister of Justice and international experts in cyber investigation of child sexual abuse/exploitation.

The event, organized in partnership with the International Centre “La Strada” with support from the US Department of State and the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova will bring together government representatives, international and national organizations, delegates from the European Commission and the governments of EU Member States, ICT experts, civil society, and other experts.

To view the Forum online, tune in to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MinisterulAfacerilorInterneRM/.

Keep an eye on the official MIA pages for updates regarding the event’s topics, speakers, and participants.