(VIDEO) Driving forward: Enhancing mobility and cooperation between Moldova and Spain

The process of driving motor vehicles will be simplified for drivers from Moldova and Spain, thanks to the Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the Kingdom of Spain on mutual recognition and conversion of national driving licenses signed in Chisinau by Adrian Efros, the Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs, and Fernando Grande – Marlaska Gomez, the Spanish Minister of the Internal Affairs.

This Agreement represents a significant milestone in strengthening bilateral cooperation and easing road traffic between the two countries. Its primary aim is to eliminate the administrative barriers for drivers from both countries. Key provisions of the Agreement include mutual recognition of driving licenses. This allows individuals with valid driving licenses from Moldova to drive temporarily in Spain without the need for a local license, and vice versa. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of changing driving licenses for those moving from one country to another, eliminating the requirement for additional tests.

During the press briefing held after the signing of the Agreement, Minister Efros emphasized the importance of this step in enhancing bilateral relations and mobility of citizens. “This agreement represents a pivotal moment for drivers from both Moldova and Spain, facilitating travel and eliminating administrative barriers. It is crucial to recognize that this Agreement not only facilitates driving, but also fosters cooperation between Moldova and Spain. Through this partnership, we demonstrate our dedication to creating a safer and more comfortable environment for all our citizens”, he added.

Spanish Minister of Internal Affairs, Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gomez echoed: “This marks another stride in the cooperative journey we uphold regarding security matters. Road safety is a priority for us, alongside combating organized crime and human trafficking. Our countries have common interests and goals and we are committed to working together to improve the lives of our citizens”.

During the bilateral meeting, Minister Adrian Efros expressed gratitude for Spain’s ongoing support for Moldova’s European aspirations and acknowledged its contribution to enhancing the capacities of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs employees in combating organized crime. The official outlined bilateral cooperation priorities, which include bolstering civil protection capacities, participating in international specialized police networks and fostering bilateral dialogue regarding international missions.

The Moldovan and Spanish Ministers of Internal Affairs reiterated their commitment to continue working together to advance the interests of the citizens of the two countries and strengthen bilateral relations.