U.S. Marines instruct law enforcement officers in counterterrorism

In the context of the approval of the National Security Strategy, which outlines an integrated and proactive approach to terrorist dangers and threats, a team of instructors from the U.S. Marine Corps is present in the Republic of Moldova to train the special intervention troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Protection and Security Service (SPPS), and Ministry of Justice.

As part of the strategic cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Embassy of the United States of America in Chisinau, the practical training sessions for the intervention troops of the Special Destination Brigade Fulger of the General Police Inspectorate, Special Destination Battalion Scorpion of the General Inspectorate of Carabineers, Special Destination Detachment Pantera of the Ministry of Justice, and the special troops of SPPS will last 6 days.

Fighters from the special troops will be trained by the US Marine Corps instructors to develop counterterrorism skills. The training activities will include:

• Theoretical training on providing first aid in a terrorist risk environment;

• Joint practical training in the use of weapons in terrorist threat scenarios;

• Simulations of counterterrorism interventions in closed spaces;

• Practicing target shooting on moving and stationary targets.

The purpose of the training is to enhance the integrated, interinstitutional approach to counterterrorism intervention by all special troops with responsibilities in counterterrorism.

U.S. assistance in preparing and training the Republic of Moldova’s counterterrorism intervention troops aligns with the international plan for the exchange of experience and best practices in integrated training for anticipating and responding to terrorist attacks worldwide.