Trust, cooperation, and innovation on the platform for strengthening the home affairs, T4HA

Partnerships, mentoring, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives developed on the Together 4 Home Affairs (T4HA) platform bring significant results for our country, measurable and visible beyond the national borders.

There is a dynamic that outlines a new phase of security cooperation between Moldova and the European countries, at a time when the Republic of Moldova is facing an avalanche of crises due to the direct proximity to the military aggression in Ukraine.

This leap is made possible by the establishment of the T4HA sector Council by the Ministry of Interior. It has proved, in just one year since its launch, to be a viable and functioning communication, coordination and development mechanism through which the authorities have been able to control and manage multiple security crises without deviating from the country’s development agenda.

The main representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps in Chisinau, including H.E. Kent D. LOGSDON, the United States Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Moldova, and H.E. Jānis MAŽEIKS, Head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau, noted during today’s strategic-level meeting, at least three symbolic achievements of the T4HA Council:

-Establishment and functionality of the EU Support Hub in Chisinau

-Launching of coordinated and secure state border control processes

-The recent invitation for the Republic of Moldova to join the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

From another perspective, the T4HA sector Council allows a simultaneous strengthening of the whole home affairs system, in full compliance with the three main objectives of the Government’s ’Prosperous, Secure, European Moldova’ programme.

Thus, one year of consolidated activity with the T4HA sector council partners currently measures 28 ongoing projects worthing €34 million and donations worthing €16.5 million. In fact, it is the support provided by development partners, both at the soft level (through trainings and exchange of expertise) and through the equipment for the six priority directions of the home affairs system for 2022-2030: security and public order, prevention and fight against crime, integrated border management, migration and asylum, civil protection and emergency situations, vocational development, integrity, and digitisation.

Ana Revenco, Minister of Internal Affairs, mentioned in her welcome speech at the T4HA meeting:

All these achievements have been possible because there is a dedicated team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that has assumed what ’together for security and democracy’ means.

We have made this progress because our development partners have been with us and because here, on this platform, we have decided together that Moldova has the capacity and potential to become a reliable partner and friend. For us, the fact that you are part of this path provides a strong basis to strengthen this platform, so that your advice and suggestions reinforce our resilience and desire to become even better.

The ‘Together 4 Home Affairs’ sector Council is the coordination mechanism, which builds support pillars for home affairs in order to sustain the country’s development and the implementation of the concept of the extended security belt of the European Union, including the Republic of Moldova.