Together4Home Affairs: two years of progress and partnerships

Today, May 8, 2024, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova (MIA) hosted the meeting of the Strategic Policy Dialogue Council – Together4Home Affairs to mark its two-year anniversary, organized with the support of the US Embassy in Moldova.

Opening the event, Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros emphasized the importance of a robust partnership between Moldova and its international partners in advancing public security and democracy.

“Partnerships, including your support and investment in Moldova’s security, stand as crucial and reliable collaborations for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. You have stood by us in our efforts to develop public security, strengthen our borders and safeguard the democratic voice among the Moldovan population”.

Minister Adrian Efros expressed gratitude to international partners for their ongoing support in Moldova’s endeavors to advance democracy and strengthen public security. He stressed his dedication to continuing reforms aimed at reinforcing the rule of law and upholding democratic principles.

During the meeting, the speakers noted the expansion of the Ministry’s portfolio, which has tripled since 2022, indicating a sustained pace of progress over the past 24 months. Since the inaugural T4HA meeting in March 2022, significant strides have been made in establishing a coherent framework and approving a crucial operational tool – the Development Matrix.

Minister Adrian Efros stressed, “The document published in January 2023 on the MIA website exemplifies our shared commitment to bolstering the development trajectory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, transitioning from immediate needs and humanitarian assistance to strategic and development support”.

It is worth mentioning that due to contributions from international partners, MIA subdivisions have received financial support exceeding 95 million euros over the past two years. This support has facilitated the implementation of projects outlined in the Development Matrix for 2023, as well as the initiation of 9 new projects starting this year.

In recognition of their support throughout two years of Together4Home Affairs, 5 MIA donors were honored with appreciation diplomas.

Towards the end of the meeting, key priorities for the Council’s forthcoming work were identified, including investments in staff, engaging donors to bolster the security sector, enhancing communication, and maintaining a steadfast commitment to forging a prosperous, secure, and European Moldova.