The strengthening of the European security belt discussed by the Minister of Internal Affairs with MEP Siegfried Muresan

Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco and MEP Siegfried Muresan discussed today, Februarie 23, during a working meeting, the regional and global security situation, ways to strengthen the EU security belt bordering the war, given the fact that Moldova has become a security provider for Europe.

During the meeting, the officials discussed the Action Plan for the development of the Security HUB in Chisinau with a view to strengthening the security measures to be applied to the wider European area, through the operationalisation of the HUB, with the allocation of financial and human resources committed to the development of the work in this extended EU – Republic of Moldova format.

Officials also discussed the shift of the global security paradigm, by which the fields of intelligence, defence, internal affairs and technology are addressed in an integrated way to ensure and strengthen global security.

Securing the supply chain between Ukraine and the European Union was one of the important topics discussed at the meeting, which followed the debates during the previous days at the Munich Security Conference. The President of the European Commission stated in Munich that the terrestrial supply chain between Ukraine and the EU needs to be strengthened in order to create a sustainable alternative route to Europe and to reduce the blackmail of Russia, which is blocking the maritime grain supply routes to Europe. In this regard, the two officials discussed ways in which the Moldovan and Romanian border infrastructure as well as the road and rail infrastructure of Romania and Moldova could be modernised and expanded with the intervention of the European Union to ensure the optimal transport flow for grain, food and other goods.

MEP Siegfried Muresan and Minister Ana Revenco agreed to intensify their dialogue and to maintain permanent contact on the European agenda of Moldova and on the need for support. Siegfried Muresan, a second-term MEP, is Vice-Chair of the European People’s Party (EPP) group in the European Parliament, Vice-Chair of the EPP and member of the National Liberal Party of Romania. Siegfried Muresan is also Chairman of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee.