The second meeting of the Chisinau Security Forum focused the exceptional expertise of the Republic of Moldova in fighting hybrid war

More than 50 representatives of institutions in charge of protecting democratic values, security experts from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and other EU countries, representatives of diplomatic missions, civil society and media met in Chisinau to assess the security environment in the region and in Europe in the light of the hybrid war waged by the Russian Federation against the European countries.

Two complex analytical studies developed by the National Centre of the Integrated Coordination of Actions in the field of Public Order (NCICAPO) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) were presented on the platform of the second meeting of the Security Forum, Moldova Security Conference. The NCICAPO presented the lessons learned by the authorities from managing the multiple crises generated by the war in Ukraine and the hybrid war, the strategic and operational conclusions and a series of forecasts for the near future, based on an objective analysis of the risks identified in the information space and the situation at national, regional and international level.

George Scutaru, CEO of the New Strategy Center, Romania, pointed out that nowadays the luxury of physical distance from countries presenting a threat has begun to disappear due to hybrid war. And the extremely valuable experience gained by the MIA is worth considering when deciding which way the new European security architecture should go:

While in Ukraine there is a conventional war, in the Republic of Moldova, Russia has unleashed a full-scale hybrid war. The stakes are as high as the aggression against Ukraine. It is about destabilising this country, with effects on Ukraine’s security, but also on Romania’s security, implicitly on NATO and the European Union (…) I congratulate the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the way it has managed to adapt to these challenges, for the institutional and inter-institutional capacity for action through which it has proved its success. Moldova is resilient and represents a model of success. The experience of the Republic of Moldova should be shared, helping all of us in the EU to understand how Russia acts.’

Nicoleta Pauliuc, Romanian senator, President of the Committee for Defence, Public Order, and National Security, also mentioned that the Republic of Moldova is a strong partner able to provide expertise in fighting hybrid aggression:

I am glad to be here and to send a clear message from Romania, to support your European aspirations and the efforts of the authorities to keep the country on a specific course (…) Clearly, the Republic of Moldova is on the right way. Your political, administrative, and institutional resilience is even more impressive, as it is obvious that you are one of the main targets of the hybrid war unleashed by the Russian Federation against the civilised world.’

In her turn, Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco stressed that the Security Forum brings together decision-makers of different levels, experts from various fields, which reflects the message that the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes to the anterooms of several European capitals, including Brussels.

An integrated approach through cooperation between all sectors, between all security institutions and between all states in Europe is the only way to face this war, these multiple and overlapping crises (…) We still lack a policy, a strategy to govern this area, setting out clear principles, roles and contributions, leaving aside the principle of EU and non-EU countries. We need to ensure that knowledge-sharing and awareness-raising are turned into sustainable actions on a map of resilience and resistance to hybrid war on the European continent’ said Revenco.

The second meeting of the Security Forum was organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with the New Strategy Center, Romania, with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The first meeting took place on December 15th, 2022.