The Republic of Moldova steps confidently towards accession to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

A European Commission’s delegation of 15 experts from the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations – Disaster Risk Prevention and Management Unit ECHO -CP – PEER- REVIEW will assess during April 25th -28th, 2023, the disaster risk management field in the Republic of Moldova. The mission will take four days during which the European experts will meet representatives of several authorities and organisations to collect opinions and information on disaster risk management in our country.

The overall objective is to identify areas that could be improved while the assessment will focus on the following key issues: disaster risk reduction management, disaster loss assessment, risk management planning, risk prevention, emergency preparedness and intervention, and disaster recovery planning.

A disaster risk management assessment provides an opportunity for a country to reflect on its preparedness to cope with natural and man-made disasters and to identify ways to improve disaster prevention, preparedness and response.

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations supports Member States in reviewing their disaster risk management policies and practices by assessing strengths and weaknesses and making recommendations to increase their effectiveness.

Based on an independent analysis, civil protection authorities have the opportunity to improve their disaster risk management capacities, identify better approaches to policies and operations, take up best practices, but also raise awareness among stakeholders to get involved in disaster risk management.

We remind that the Republic of Moldova formally applied to join the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism in September 2022 and the General Inespectorate for Emergency Situations requested a peer review of disaster risk management capabilities in October 2022. This is an opportunity to identify good practices and areas to be strengthened, but also a step towards European integration.