The Republic of Moldova is hosting the first Eastern Forum on Security and Border Management

The aggression in Ukraine has changed the missions and objectives of the spectrum of home affairs in all countries on the borders of Eastern Europe. Being face to face with the war, measures and decisions uncharacteristic for daily activity were implemented, strengthening the security belt on the border with Europe. Solving the challenges involved broader approaches and involving more development partners.

In this context, today, December 15, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova is organizing the first Eastern Forum on security and border management.

The event brings together Chiefs of Police, Chiefs of Border Police and high officials from over 10 countries that are on Europe’s eastern border. The meeting of officials arises from the need to highlight the importance of effective border management, but also the challenges to regional security, in the context of the war in Ukraine, thus showing the course of the formation of the security belt. The forum is moderated by the Chief of the General Inspectorate of the Police (IGP) and the Chief of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF).

The topics of discussion will focus on the MIA’s multi-dimensional response to the contextual changes since Februarie 24 and the tools that have been used in the context of the new challenges. 3 discussion panels will be held, as follows: important aspects regarding security and border management; the limits of traditional organizational models and standard operating procedures during multiple, overlapping crises; pressing needs to deal with simultaneous crises.

In addition to the topics related to the prevention and combating of transnational organized crime groups, topics as hybrid threats and real manifestations of disinformation, cyber attacks, riots, which are another constant factor from Februarie 24 until now, will be discussed.