The Republic of Moldova has been invited to join the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Chisinau, April 28th, 2023: Today, the Republic of Moldova was invited to join the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism. Thus, Moldovan firefighters and rescuers are entering the final preparatory phase to join the most powerful international network for cooperation in the field of disaster prevention, preparedness, and response.

High Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, made the announcement during a joint press briefing with Minister of Internal Affairs, Ana Revenco.

The proximity of the Republic of Moldova to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism started in September 2022, when the membership application was submitted. At the time, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs requested an assessment of the disaster risk management capabilities. Two European Commission’s missions to assess Moldova’s intervention capabilities have already taken place.

The results of the assessments have shown that the presence and proactive involvement of the Moldovan firefighters and rescuers in the management of the humanitarian crisis since the early days of the war in Ukraine have substantially accelerated and improved our country’s civil protection and crisis response capabilities.

Even if the war has doubled the volume of GIES’s interventions, some of which were carried out for the first time, Moldovan rescuers and firefighters intervened promptly in more than 30,000 high-risk missions. Our rescuers and firefighters have helped more than 800,000 refugees from Ukraine. For them, the GIES set up and managed three temporary camps with all the necessities for a normal living, set up and managed a temporary station for emergency transportation of refugees to their final destinations. During the blackouts at the end of last year, the GIES provided all fire and rescue units with alternative energy sources so that they and a large part of the police inspectorates could operate without any interruption.

During the same period, the Republic of Moldova hosted and participated, for the first time, in an international exercise. With 13 other participating countries, Moldova tested the capabilities and interoperability of its civil protection system, while demonstrating exceptional results.

European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, submitted today, during a working visit to Chisinau, a roadmap for accession to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, as a result of Moldova’s achievements.

After a bilateral meeting with His Excellency Commissioner Janez Lenarčič, Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco stated during the press briefing:

I remember your first visit, Excellency, only a week after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. At that time, you provided support to the Moldovan authorities and deployed a team of civil protection experts to help us cope with the refugee flow. A year after that visit, during which we have discussed the possibility of receiving EU technical assistance for crisis management, migration, border, supply chain management of aid and other purchased goods, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has managed to perform well in all areas of activity and especially in civil protection. The security and health system of our country has received €15 million in aid through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism this year.

I would like to thank you again, Excellency, for your great work in accelerating the support of the European Commission in the field of civil protection for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova’.

In turn, the European Commissioner for Crisis Management specified during the same briefing:

Moldova’s progress in strengthening its civil protection capabilities is evident and inspiring. I am proud to be here in Chisinau to hand over to Minister Revenco the European Commission’s roadmap inviting the Republic of Moldova to join the Mechanism. Joining the EU Civil Protection Mechanism will be the next key step for the Republic of Moldova and for the resilience of the whole European continent with regard to disaster management. By becoming a participating state, the Republic of Moldova will further strengthen its capacity to respond effectively to emergencies and disasters, while benefiting from the support and solidarity of the European Union’.

It is expected that, after the negotiation and signing of the administrative agreement, the Republic of Moldova will officially become a member of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. This new status will provide our citizens with the highest level of protection services in the most complex crisis situations. In this way, we will count on support of the 27 EU countries and 9 other participating countries (Iceland, Norway, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and, more recently, Ukraine).

At the same time, when an emergency exceeds the response capabilities of a country from Europe and beyond, Moldovan firefighters and rescuers will be called upon to provide support through the Mechanism alongside their European colleagues.