The Public Order and Security Program for 2022 – 2025 has been approved by the Government

The safety of the population at home, in community, in business environments, in road traffic and on public roads will be increased and human rights will be guaranteed during the process of providing public order and security services. The Cabinet of Ministers has approved today the Public Order and Security Program for 2022-2025.

The document aims to bring public order services closer to the population, including through better coverage territory, as well as developing communication and interaction skills towards the citizens. Complementary to this, the Program lays the foundations for a people-oriented police culture. This will ensure a prompt and efficient response to emergency calls.

At the same time, the Program will ensure the standardisation of intervention procedures, trainings, coordination and flow of information between specialized subdivisions in the field of public order and security, as well as the provision of modern equipment to front-line employees and support structures.

This is the fourth of six programs to be approved by the Government to implement the Strategy for the Development of the Internal Affairs for 2022-2030.