Moldovan Police will have the first information system for the management of contravention cases

Annually, the number of contravention cases is about 600,000, which represents 85% of the police documentation activity. In order to streamline the processes, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the support of Sweden and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), will develop an IT system for the management of contravention cases.

The system is part of the digitisation programme of the Ministry of Interior, which will contribute to the security and resilience of the Republic of Moldova. This is an ambitious project that will help investigating officers to manage contravention cases more efficiently and promptly by automating the internal processes and procedures. It will also improve the quality of data on the registered contravention cases and will increase transparency.

The information system will seek to interconnect 44 institutions and state agents mandated to investigate contraventions. The system will provide secure access to data. Only the agent in charge of the case will be able to manage the file, which will allow monitoring and tracking changes. Supervisors will only be able to view the file without editing permissions. At the same time, integration with the e-services offered by the e-Government Agency will ensure interoperability with other platforms and databases.

Once the memorandum was signed, the first phase of the project implementation has started, during which specialists are already working on the development of the system. The second phase, which will consist of piloting the system in the field, including in several districts, will start in May 2023. The third phase is the actual launch of the system.

The software will allow the automatic classification of contraventions in accordance with the rules and legal provisions in force and will exclude the situation when the investigating officer imputes or misinterprets the action.

More than 45 types of documents, currently used on paper to document and investigate contraventions, will be digitalised, thus saving paper and reducing costs.

The development of the system is part of the the project “Supporting the e-transformation of policing processes related to contravention cases”, with a budget of approximately US$935,000 provided by Sweden, will be implemented by UNDP during 2022-2025.