The Moldova Support Platform was established in the context of the war in Ukraine at the initiative of Romania, Germany, France with the participation of the USA. It is a response mechanism to the consequences and crises generated by the war for the Republic of Moldova.

The goal of the Platform is to mobilise, focus and coordinate political, technical and financial support of the developed countries for the Republic of Moldova. The Platform aims to provide immediate assistance as well as in-depth expertise for the democratic reform process on behalf of the EU institutions and MS, G7 countries, international financial institutions and international organisations, and other development partners.

Meetings of the thematic Working Groups focused on 6 pillars are held in advance of the Platform Conferences and namely:

– humanitarian effort – management of refugee flows and their resettlement in European countries;

– energy – supporting Moldova’s energy security;

– fight against corruption – supporting the government in implementing the ambitious reform agenda, including in the areas of justice, fighting corruption and promoting economic development;

– border management – internal affairs and efficient border management;

– financial assistance – increasing socio-economic resilience;

– administrative reform and public finance management.

The first Ministerial Conference of the Moldova Support Platform was held in Berlin, Germany, on April 5, 2022. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs from Germany, France and Romania stated that their countries would stand by the Republic of Moldova, both during the war-related crises and during the European integration process, supporting our country’s efforts in reforming key areas.


The second Ministerial Conference was held in Bucharest, Romania, on July 15, 2022. The MIA has reaffirmed its strong commitment to undertake a wide range of measures to enhance the capacities and resources of the institutions responsible for maintaining public order and security in the Republic of Moldova.


Platforma de Sprijin pentru Republica Moldova: Managementul eficient al frontierelor – pilon de bază în securitatea Republicii Moldova și a Uniunii Europene | Ministerul Afacerilor Interne (

The third Ministerial Conference took place in Paris, France, on November 21, 2022. Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco spoke about the hybrid threats faced by the Republic of Moldova while reiterating that Moldova is determined to continue contributing to peace, security and freedom in Europe.


Securitatea regională și criza energetică discutată la Paris în cadrul Platformei de Sprijin pentru Republica Moldova | Ministerul Afacerilor Interne (