The Migration and Asylum Office of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs is to be reorganized and renamed into the General Inspectorate for Migration

The Cabinet approved today the draft on the organization and functioning of the General Inspectorate for Migration. It amends the name of the Migration and Asylum Office to the General Inspectorate for Migration and establishes the structural units necessary for the efficient performance of the duties.

The reorganization of the Migration and Asylum Office will help to build capacity for legalization and documentation procedures of displaced persons from Ukraine, will help to increase the capacity for effectively responding to challenges and threats, as well as to keep the migration situation under control, to promptly operationalize the monitoring of the stay of foreigners on the territory of the country, to ensure the timely decision (15 calendar days) of the applications for the right of residence in the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, the changes will increase the access to information, consulting and documentation services for foreigners and applicants countrywide through the Northern, Central and Southern territorial offices, and will contribute to the possibility of providing quality services requested by investors, business representatives, regarding the documentation of foreigners arriving for work purposes, including citizens of EU Member States.

Thus, the staff will be supplemented by 50 units for the effective implementation of the functional responsibilities and tasks established, for the organization and provision of quality services, for the development of cooperation and strengthening of institutional capacities in preventing, monitoring and fighting illegal residence of foreigners. Likewise, the tasks will be delegated on territorial level in order to be closer to the citizen and the applicant beneficiary.