The MIA’s employees improve their professional skills thanks to an agreement signed with Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

A cooperation agreement was signed today in Chisinau by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF).

Minister Ana Revenco explained the importance of this agreement for the development of the internal affairs system and for the security of the country, at large:

‘We started that stage of our cooperation with DCAF during peace times. Now, in a period with overlapping crises, with threats and actual ever-increasing manifestations of hybrid war, DCAF is not just continuing its assistance, but it strengthens it by opening an official office in Chisinau and by signing the Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry. These are all bold and strong messages that Moldova is not alone in its efforts to sustain and enhance the democratic values and principles which guarantee the fundamental rights for all citizens.’

According to the provisions of the signed agreement, the representatives of the internal affairs system will have access to a wide range of advisory and training activities provided by the DCAF experts, as well as support for the elaboration of strategic development plans, laws and regulations covering the activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Police Inspectorate, based on European quality standards, and more.

Moldova has been a member of the DCAF Board since 2002. Since then, several institutions with competences in the field of security have been working closely with DCAF, among which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and several subordinated bodies, such as the General Police Inspectorate, the General Inspectorate of Border Police, the Internal Protection and Anti-Corruption Service, the ‘Stefan cel Mare’ Police Academy and others.

DCAF conducted a strategic assessment of the MIA in response to a formal request made by the Ministry in September 2021. The results of this assessment served as the basis for the Strategy on the Development of Internal Affairs for 2022-2030 and the Development Matrix of the MIA. Inspired by this course, DCAF launched the Project ‘Strengthening Security Sector Governance in Moldova’ (2022 – 2025) at the end of last year.

The project ‘Strengthening Security Sector Governance in Moldova’ aims to support and strengthen Moldovan security through national-level reforms, based on EU standards and best practices, for the benefit of the State and its people.