The MIA of the Republic of Moldova participates for the first time at the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council of the European Union

The Minister Ana Revenco, jointly with the delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, is attending today the EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council in Prague. It is the first time that Ministers of Internal Affairs of non-EU countries are invited to attend the JHA Council. The Ministers of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine have been invited by the Czech Republic, as the country holding the rotating EU Presidency, to attend the informal JHA Council.

The Republic of Moldova jointly with the EU states and Ukraine are today discussing the development of protection mechanisms to increase the resilience of the European security ecosystem in the light of the increasing threats and risks caused by the war in Ukraine.

The event brings together Ministers of Internal Affairs of the EU Member States, Schengen associated countries, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, representatives of the EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, General Secretariat of the Council of the EU and the European External Action Service) as well as representatives of the EU agencies (Europol, Frontex, EU Agency for Asylum and EU Agency for Fundamental Rights).

During today’s session of the JHA Council, the focus of discussions is on the impact of the war in Ukraine for the security zone.

Ministers are invited to discuss the consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine for internal security, including illicit firearms trafficking, human trafficking, document forgery, money laundering, hybrid threats, as well as measures to address and reduce these risks. Among these measures is the establishment of the EU Security HUB in Chisinau, which will enlarge the European security space and will include the Republic of Moldova.

The JHA will also address issues related to:

– interoperability of information systems, with a focus on the timetable for building the new architecture of information systems in the field of Justice and Home Affairs and the implementation of their interoperability. These systems are crucial for the efficient management of the EU’s external borders. The Republic of Moldova will be included in these approaches;

– future migration trends;

– intensified efforts to fight against child sexual abuse.

Due to our country’s participation jointly with European decision-makers in the field of internal affairs, the Republic of Moldova becomes a security producer for the European area, forming together with the EU member countries a fortified security belt bordering the war.

Today’s agenda includes the launch event of the JHA Hub in Chisinau, several bilateral meetings of Minister Revenco with her counterparts from EU countries, as well as a working session on the impact of the war in Ukraine on security.