The MIA leadership participated in the Conference of National Focal Points in the Field of Women, Peace and Security

The State Secretary of MIA, Daniella Misail-Nichitin, participated, between November 7-9, at the Conference of National Focal Points in the Field of Women, Peace and Security, organized at the Palace of Parliament in the city of Bucharest, Romania.

The conference represents a real and constructive opportunity for all member states to bring important issues of the Women, Peace and Security agenda to attention.

The official discussion agenda consisted of two topics of major importance in the current security context, Women in the Defense Sector and Women in Cyber, both fields being in a continuous evolution.

At the same time, the participants talked about the current challenges and about the potential programs that can be implemented, giving shape to a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of the focal points by identifying their key tasks and functions.

Officials exchanged experiences, listened to speeches by high-ranking officials, shared lessons learned and reiterated the importance of localizing crisis responses to respond precisely to the needs of each individual and community, as well as to strengthen resilience, peace and social cohesion.

In her intervention, Daniella Misail-Nichitin emphasized the contribution and involvement of women from the Republic of Moldova in securing our state, in the act of leadership, decision-making processes and the realization of strategies for the modernization of our country. The MIA Secretary of State also spoke about the importance of the “Women for Security” platform between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, created in June 2023, which involves the joint creation of policies, so that community life and social stability generate an increase in the quality of life of the citizens of region. The role of the second National Action Plan, published in 2023, continues to focus on women and is based on their involvement in the community, intersectoral and cross-border cooperation to prevent gender-based violence and to seek best practices to support and protect all women, strengthening the recruitment of young women through mentoring programs, etc.

The guests had the opportunity to share their best practices in order to implement the United Nations Security Council Resolutions in the field of WPS (Women, Peace and Security), as well as to improve funding and assistance programs.

Experts from the UN, NATO, EU, OSCE, AU (African Union), as well as representatives of civil society and the academic environment participated in the far-reaching event.The Global Network of National Focal Points on WPS was created to help member states and regional organizations improve and strengthen the implementation of the WPS Agenda at all stages of the decision-making process.