The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs participated in the ‘Navigating Hybrid Threats and Recruiting Excellence in the Police’ conference

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, attended the conference ‘Navigating Hybrid Threats and Recruiting Excellence in the Police’, organized on the occasion of the National Police Day. 

The agenda of the conference focused on issues related to the management of hybrid threats by police across the European continent. In this context, experts evaluated the actions taken to counter hybrid threats, including by stepping up the exchange of information and analytical products.

At the end of the conference, the Minister of Internal Affairs presented three operational priorities for the future:

  • Integrated Approach to Combating Hybrid Threats

“In the face of rapidly evolving hybrid threats, an integrated approach is imperative. We must strengthen cooperation between agencies by improving the exchange of information, participating in joint training exercises, and coordinating responses.”

  • Community-Centered Police for Trust and Resilience

“By promoting trust and creating resilience against hybrid threats, community-centered police become a cornerstone of our strategy”.

  • Diversified Recruitment for Enhanced Capacity

“We must develop inclusive recruitment strategies to attract a diverse range of candidates, enhancing the overall capabilities of our law enforcement agencies”.

It is worth mentioning that the conference brought together experts from countries like Moldova, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia.