The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs participated in the Global Forum for Refugees 2023

Moldova has assumed nine new commitments with a focus on refugee integration, children’s rights, gender equality, education, and the reduction of statelessness. These objectives were outlined during the Global Forum for Refugees 2023 attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, and the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Alexei Buzu.

During the event, the Moldovan officials announced the country’s commitment to achieving nine objectives, centered on refugee integration, safeguarding children’s rights, advocating for gender equality, reduction of gender-based violence, and delivery of comprehensive services for refugee survivors. Moreover, the government pledged to join the Global Alliance to End Statelessness and ensure enrollment and access to quality and inclusive education for all refugee children in the Moldovan educational system.

“Ensuring a safe living environment and access to rights and services for refugees is a priority for us. It is essential to safeguard the rights of those seeking temporary protection in Moldova and to work together to identify sustainable solutions”, stated Minister Adrian Efros during the panel on the situation in Ukraine.

“The refugee issue has made partners, organizations, and government representatives join their efforts and work together. Now is not the time to do less for refugees. In Moldova, we are guided by a strong commitment to bring about positive changes in gender equality. While we are making progress in promoting gender equality, we recognize that it is time to more actively address issues related to gender-based violence”, said Minister Alexei Buzu during the gender equality and gender-based violence panel.

The UN Moldova Country Team, in turn, restated its commitment to supporting refugees.

“Moldova remains to be a remarkable example,” said Francesca Bonelli, UNHCR Representative. “Since Februarie 24 the country has taken bold steps in creating a safe and welcoming environment for refugees. Moldova’s example deserves to be supported, appreciated, and followed”, Ms Bonelli added.

The Global Forum for Refugees 2023 is taking place between December 13 and 15 at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland, with activities also taking place in other locations. This event is a collaborative effort involving five countries – Colombia, France, Japan, Jordan, and Uganda, and is being co-hosted by the Swiss Government and UNHCR.

Convened once every four years, the Global Forum for Refugees stands as the  largest international assembly addressing refugee issues. Its purpose is to support the practical implementation of the objectives set out in the Global Compact on Refugees. These objectives include reducing pressures on host countries, empowering refugee self-reliance, increasing access to solutions in third countries, and improving conditions in countries of origin. Furthermore, the forum serves as a platform for states and stakeholders to announce commitments and contributions, highlight the progress made, share best practices, and evaluate both challenges and opportunities.