The leadership of the MIA met with the UNDP representatives in Moldova

Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros had a bilateral discussion with representatives of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Moldova.

Discussions focused on sectoral cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the UNDP, cooperation priorities and common objectives in areas of interest.

Minister Efros expressed his appreciation for the assistance provided by the UNDP in ensuring a coordinated and effective response in managing the refugee crisis, for the assistance and expertise provided by the UN specialized agencies in advancing the country’s development agenda.

At the same time, the Minister expressed his gratitude for the implementation of the project ‘Support to Law Enforcement Reform in Moldova’ funded by the US Government, aimed at strengthening the capacities of the central apparatus and subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova, Daniela Gasparikova, briefed on the dynamics of the activities carried out and the results achieved in recent years, in particular, the achievements in the field of internal affairs. Following this, the UNDP representatives reiterated their support for the operationalization of the Home Affairs Development Strategy for 2022-2030.

The parties agreed to continue cooperation in areas such as civil protection, law enforcement, digitalisation, countering organised crime and hybrid threats.

The cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the UNDP has strengthened the capacity of the Ministry to implement reforms in priority areas by providing high quality technical assistance and expertise.

Moreover, the General Inspectorate of Police has received modern equipment, necessary for physical/tactical training and for the development of practical skills necessary for the effectiveness of police activities. Similarly, thanks to an ambitious project, the Forensic Laboratory of the ‘Stefan cel Mare’ Academy of the MIA is to be equipped with new technical means, useful in criminal prosecution actions.