The Government has approved the Crime Prevention and Control Program for 2022 – 2025

Criminal penalties for cryptocurrency-based crimes shall be regulated and children shall have greater protection from sexual exploitation and abuse. The Cabinet of Ministers approved today the Crime Prevention and Control Program for 2022 – 2025.

The document aims to increase the effectiveness of the national system for preventing and fighting crime by creating and facilitating access to appropriate tools and mechanisms.

At the same time, the Program offers new tools and measures to reduce the impact of criminal organisations, to enhance the ability to respond to and investigate crimes committed using various information technologies, and to ensure effective data exchange in order to analyze crime trends in various areas (illicit drug trafficking, cyber security, human trafficking, crimes against property and persons, etc.).

Among the actions proposed for implementation are the prevention and fighting against the use of online platforms for illicit trade of firearms or ammunition, as well as the development and implementation of facial recognition software for the identification of wanted criminals and missing persons.

The evaluation of the Program will be based on established impact indicators, which include 50% control of civilian arms and ammunition, 5% liquidation of criminal groups and organizations, reduction from 7.0 (2018) to 4.5 (2025) of the number of victims of human trafficking per 100,000 population.

This is the last of the six Programs approved by the Government to implement the Strategy for the Development of Internal Affairs for 2022-2030.