The general simulation exercise of the official convoys’ movement, in the context of the 2023 EPC summit, has been completed

The Media Group for Security News on the European Political Community Summit (MGSN-EPC) 2023, that will take place in the Republic of Moldova, informs:

The general simulation of the official convoys’ movement has ended.

The exercise took place according to the scenario. The road traffic had minor delays. The public transport ran with slight deviations from the preset schedule. Also, the means of transport with traffic priority had a green corridor for interventions.

The aim of the simulation was to strengthen the inter-institutional cooperation and interoperability between the authorities in the field of national security, and to increase the organization and response capabilities necessary for a successful conduct of the EPC Summit on June 1. At the same time, the exercise tested the readiness level of the authorities involved in management of protection devices and management of meeting and escorting the official delegations.

During the simulation, national security authorities responsible for organizing the Summit tested contingency scenarios for 10 types of possible incidents.

The tactical exercises tested the reaction of the forces involved in the simulation for incidents such as: fire in a gas station, detection of a suspicious object left in a gas station, detection of an object that produces ionizing radiation, road accident on the route of the official motorcades, cyber attack. Contingencies were successfully overcome.
The authorities appreciate the responsiveness and understanding of citizens, both drivers and pedestrians, who contributed to the successful conduct of the exercise. Also the institutions rely on citizens’ proactive attitude for subsequent events, in the context of the 2023 EPC Summit organization.

The MGSN-EPC recommends everyone to get informed from official sources, since information of public interest is disseminated on official websites and provided to mass-media in real time.

The MGSN-EPC includes the communicators from the national public order, security and national defence institutions: Ministry of Internal Affairs with the General Police Inspectorate, Border Police, General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, General Inspectorate for Migration, General Inspectorate of Carabineers, MIA’s Academy ‘Stefan cel Mare’; State Protection and Guard Service; Security and Intelligence Service; Ministry of Defense; General Prosecutor’s Office; Civil Aviation Authority; National Administration of Penitentiaries.

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