The first meeting of the Working Group no. 24 on Justice, Freedom and Security

The Ministry of Internal Affairs organized the first meeting of the Working Group no. 24 on Justice, Freedom and Security, considering the commitments assumed in the dialogue with the European Union, following the granting of the status of candidate country for EU membership and the recommendations made by the European Commission on the questionnaires submitted by the Republic of Moldova.

The meeting was chaired by State Secretary Andrei Cecoltan and comes as a result of the need to fill in the enlargement questionnaire on justice and home affairs, which shows the current situation in our country and the level of preparation for accession to the European Union.

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and representatives of national authorities, participating in the Working Group, attended the event.

In this context, the participants discussed the Coordination Mechanism for the European integration process of the Republic of Moldova and the Action Plan for the implementation of the measures proposed by the European Commission in its Opinion on Moldova’s application for membership of the European Union, so that the actions are carried out fully, qualitatively and on time.

The measures taken and progress achieved so far to improve the process of implementing the Roadmap actions have been also assessed.

The main recommendations assessed by the working groups include:

-Strengthening the integrated migration management system;

-Strengthening the fight against organised crime;

– Strengthening the integrated management of the state border and alignment to the Community requirements for the implementation of the Schengen acquis;

– Strengthening the legal framework to align it with the EU acquis;

-Strengthening strategic measures to fight corruption at borders;

-Effective cooperation with external partners, etc;

The contribution of the WG no. 24 is to be sent by the end of March, so that by mid-April the Republic of Moldova could send the whole information on all recommendations.