The European Parliament voted a resolution supporting the Republic of Moldova on its European course. The document acknowledges that our country is at a hybrid war triggered by Russia.

The European Parliament adopted Resolution no. 223/2595 dated April 19, 2023 calling on the European Commission and the European Council to start negotiations with the Republic of Moldova on accession to the European Union by the end of this year, following the fulfilment of the nine recommendations made by the European Commission.

The document also confirms the Kremlin’s hybrid threats and pressure aimed at destabilising the country’s pro-European government. Thus, the Resolution confirms that ’Moldova remains exposed to Russian pressure and energy blackmail, economic upheaval due to the war in neighbouring Ukraine as well as Kremlin-backed attempts to destabilise the country’s pro-European government’.

In this context and in accordance with paragraph 11 of the Resolution, the MIA is ready to enhance cooperation with the European partners, the European Commission, EUROPOL, CEPOL, FRONTEX, the Council of the European Union. Furthermore, the Resolution urges the European bodies to strengthen the EU Support Hub in Chisinau, which ensures the Eastern European security belt.

The MIA is ready to work immediately with the new contact points and to manage the funds allocated for the development of the Hub as a mechanism to ensure security for the whole of Europe.

The MIA appreciates that the resolution of the European Parliament refers to and confirms the destabilizing actions; in this context, the MEPs ask the European Union to sanction the fugitive Moldovan oligarchs Ilan Shor and Vladimir Plahotniuc, their businesses and political organizations, as well as to extradite them to the Republic of Moldova for trial.

The MIA considers that the regional security picture outlined by the Moldova’s internal affairs diplomacy has led to the European Parliament’s determination to vote on the resolution confirming that our country is a security producer for Europe. The Resolution also confirms that Moldova is being affected by the hybrid war provoked by the Russian Federation and that it must be supported in an accelerated manner. Most of the explanatory statements that prompted the Resolution relate to the issues raised, which are being handled on an ongoing basis by the Moldovan internal affairs system.

By the Resolution, the European Parliament wants the EU to extend the scope of its sanctions regime to include punishable acts of corruption that undermine security, stability, constitutional and democratic institutions.

The MIA welcomes the decision of the European Parliament which urges the EU and its MS to increase financial and technical assistance to support the Republic of Moldova in the process of the EU integration.

The resolution has been adopted with 555 MEPs voting in favour and 49 against.