The EPC Summit ended successfully. Moldova was seen and heard by the whole world on June 1st

The Media Group for Security News informs:

The European Political Community Summit 2023, which took place in Bulboaca, ended successfully with the presence of 48 presidents of state, prime ministers, and high dignitaries of the European Union.

This event gave the Republic of Moldova unprecedented international visibility, with almost 700 journalists reporting in real time on the spot.

The effort made by the whole country for Moldova to show to the world its aspirations for a European future was successful. Together, the authorities and citizens have shown that they know how to be responsible, determined, and proactive.

The national authorities confirm that, on the occasion of the Summit, during the period May 31st – June 2nd, the national security situation was considered normal, without any incidents endangering the stability and security of the event and of the whole country.

There were no situations where the authorities had to intervene regarding national public order. The authorities acted only the capital to discourage groups of people who intended to protest in the security perimeters set up for the EPC Summit, specifically near the accommodation venues. As a result of the talks, the groups understood that they could voice their opinions in areas outside the security zone, with the police ensuring their safety during their movements and demonstrations.

The national authorities have acted in sync to counteract disinformation and have managed to fill the public space of interest to citizens with material, news and press releases, delivered in real time, encouraging the population to get information directly from official sources. This has led to a decrease in false and manipulative news narratives in the public media.

The authorities involved in ensuring the security of the EPC Summit have successfully accomplished their tasks. The Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security and Intelligence Service, the State Protection and Guard Service, the Information Technology and Cyber Security Service, the Civil Aviation Authority, as well as other state institutions worked in an integrated manner and maintained a normal security situation with a moderate level of risk, related to the regional situation.

In order to ensure regional security, the Republic of Moldova received mentoring and support from all the security structures of the countries participating in the Summit, in accordance with international practice for events of this scale.

On the national level, the positive attitude of citizens towards the EPC Summit is clearly reflected in the picture of safety, order, stability and social security, as statistics on the crime situation across the country are low for the period May 31st – June 1st.

Thus, there were significant decreases in high social risk crimes, road accidents, dangerous situations and fire and rescue interventions. At country level, the emergency medical services worked in special intervention mode, in line with standards.

Also, all border crossing points worked as normal. At the same time, the law enforcement forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs provided support for the smooth running of 28 open-air cultural and artistic public events dedicated to the International Children’s Day.

The national authorities thank the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for their exemplary attitude and proactivity in the organisation and smooth running of the large-scale event hosted by our country.

Moldova has shown to the whole world that it has a family and it has a European future.