Support of EU countries reconfirmed at the meeting of the Chairs of the EU Affairs and Foreign Affairs Committees

Chisinau, November 4, 2023 – During the meeting of the presidents of the Commissions for EU Affairs and the Commissions for Foreign Affairs, hosted by the Foreign Policy and European Integration Commission of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova – United4Moldova, the support of the partner countries in the desire of the Republic of Moldova to join was reconfirmed to the European Union by providing support in the processes of improving the living conditions of the country’s population.

“I would like to emphasize that all countries participating in this conference have contributed to the improvement of the capacities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through expert opinion, exchange of experience, training and development projects, exchange of data and information. Furthermore, I want to say that this support has helped us and continues to help us face all the challenges and threats.” – Minister Adrian Efros declared at the meeting.

The more than 80 officials from different member states of the European Union appreciated the successes of the Republic of Moldova in its course of reforming the judicial field and fighting corruption through efforts to diminish it in the country. It was confirmed by the partners that as Moldova submitted its application for EU membership on March 3, 2022 and is a candidate country for the EU from June 23, 2022, the country continued to intensify and deepen relations with the European Union both by strengthening the dialogue politically, as well as by further deepening sectoral cooperation.

“The future of Moldova will remain for future generations. We are strongly committed to continue providing assistance to the Republic of Moldova to achieve the political objective of EU accession and also to promote direct improvement of living standards for its people. This commitment reflects our unwavering dedication to shaping a future that is not only prosperous, but also deeply resonant with the aspirations of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.” – is stipulated in the final resolution approved by those present at the meeting.