Strengthening the relations between Moldovan and Georgian authorities on state border security

State Secretary Jana Costachi attended a discussion with representatives of the Moldovan Border Police and the Georgian Border Police.
During the meeting, the MIA leadership focused on the operational results of the EU Support Hub, given that Moldova has become a security provider by strengthening the security belt at the eastern border of Europe amid the war in the neighbouring country.
During the meeting, topics were also addressed regarding the main results and objectives in the areas of competence, foreign policy activity, strategic programmes and projects.
The parties have agreed that the exchange of best practices on state border security with colleagues from peer institutions contributes to the development of professional skills of the internal affairs employees.
The participants have also agreed that our countries have a good cooperation in fighting cross-border crime as well as in developing bilateral relations towards European integration.
Finally, the parties have decided to contribute to the implementation of new projects for the benefit of the citizens of both countries.