Strengthening the internal affairs system with the support of the European partners

Once the Republic of Moldova has been granted candidate EU candidate status, the efforts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have focused on intensifying cooperation with EU Member States in terms of aligning national legislation with the EU acquis, but also with European practices, which will contribute to modernising the internal affairs system, enhancing state security and combating crime.

Some of the countries such as Poland, Sweden, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and France provided, during the first quarter of 2023, support to the Ministry of Internal Affairs so that the institution can continue to cope with information war, security, and public order threats. Notably, these are key security authorities in the new European security architecture.

In this context, Poland expressed its support by unconditionally supporting the activities carried out on the EU Support Hub platform, as the Republic of Moldova has become a security provider state and a reliable partner for the European Union.

At the beginning of March, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) exchanged experience and best practices in the field of crisis management within the civil protection system with Polish specialists from Warsaw and Krakow.

Employees of the General Inspectorate of Carabineers (GIC) also improved their language skills in Poland due to the STANAG II English language course.

Employees of the General Police Inspectorate (GPI) have also strengthened their response capabilities in the field of pyrotechnics and bomb disposal during a recent training session in Legionowo.

Special Destination Police Brigade ’Fulger’ of the GPI learned, in late April, how to act more professionally in the event of mass disorder. They participated in the joint Moldovan-Polish exercise on May 1st – 5th in order to exchange experience and best practices on security in the context of the EPC Summit to be held in Moldova.

A study visit involving joint GIC+ GPI teams to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Czech Republic and France also took place during the first quarter of this year in the context of improving the capabilities of the respective subdivisions in the management of public order and security during major events.

At the same time, two RAID officers from the Special Troops of the French Police provided for ‘Fulger’ employees an exchange of best practices in the field of mass event management during the period April 17- 21, 2023 in Chisinau.

Another country that has contributed significantly to strengthening the capabilities of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is Sweden.

The Swedish police also assessed, during the first half of March, the needs of frontline employees.

In the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is currently negotiating the Action Plan (for the benefit of GIES and the Inspectorate of operational management) with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency under the Swedish Ministry of Justice.

Earlier this month, the Folke Bernadotte Academy conducted a training on strategic foresight for the Ministry for Internal Affairs employees. Several employees of the Ministry’s cybersecurity staff paid a study visit to the Ministry of Defence in Luxembourg to learn best practices.

It should be reminded that a year ago, the Ministry of Internal Affairs created the sectoral Council “Together 4 Home Affairs” – a coordination mechanism on different levels which builds support pillars for the field of home affairs, in order to support the activities carried out in the sustainable development of the country and the implementation of the concept of the extended security belt of the European Union, including the Republic of Moldova.