Strengthening partnership between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of the Interior of the Kingdom of Spain

During the working visit to the Kingdom of Spain, Minister of the Internal Affairs Ana Revenco met with the representatives of the Directorate General for Coordination and Studies, where she became acquainted with the Spanish police model for managing processes related to ensuring of citizens’ security and coordinating major events.

The Minister expressed interest in exchanging best practices and carrying out joint tactical exercises as well as the participation of MIA employees in some training courses in the field of public order and security.

The MIA delegation also visited the Intelligence Centre against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO), where they learned about the activities of preventing and detecting scenarios that could trigger terrorism and organized criminal actions, in the context that the Republic of Moldova is the only country bordering the war and is not part of the EU, being highly vulnerable in this respect.

As for the exceptional situations field, MIA’s objective is to become a regional and international security provider.

In this regard, Ana Revenco visited the General Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Situations where she discussed the opportunity to jointly develop technical assistance projects on topics such as: strengthening the professional skills of rescuers and firefighters for intervention actions in case of fires, creating command and control systems for the management of rescue and anti-fire operations.

Given that the application of the Republic of Moldova to join the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been accepted, the Minister stressed the importance of enhancing regional cooperation and mutual assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism by involving intervention teams from the Republic of Moldova and vice versa.

The parties expressed mutual openness for cooperation in areas of common interest