Strengthening bilateral cooperation: Moldova and Finland discuss internal affairs

Chisinau, Februarie 14, 2024 – The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Adrian Efros, welcomed Her Excellency Leena Liukkonen, Ambassador of Finland to Romania and Moldova, along with a Finnish delegation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Minister Efros congratulated Ambassador Leena Liukkonen on her recent accreditation as the Ambassador of Finland to Romania and Moldova. The Minister expressed appreciation for the positive developments in bilateral relations, including the establishment of a desk officer post for Moldova at the Finnish Embassy in Bucharest.

The discussions centered around the interest in strengthening cooperation on internal affairs, particularly focusing on enhancing internal resilience and border control. Minister Efros highlighted Moldova’s keenness to bolster ties, especially in light of the ongoing negotiations with the European Union.

Furthermore, the official emphasized Moldova’s favorable position for inclusion in Finland’s Ukraine recovery program, citing the Nansen Program as a potential blueprint. He welcomed the announcement of €62 million support for Ukraine and Moldova to be offered through the World Bank.

“We are interested in developing a long-standing partnership with Finland on home affairs by launching a joint project on hybrid threats with the European Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, as well as through common projects with the Finnish International Development Agency, including in environmental protection and biodiversity safeguarding, by using low-emission police vehicles and establishing climate-resilient systems within the Police buildings”, the Minister added.

Discussions also revolved around bilateral security cooperation on hybrid threats and adoption of Finnish practices and expertise on EU.

The meeting concluded with both parties reaffirming their commitment to enhancing bilateral cooperation and addressing mutual challenges.