Strengthened efforts to strengthen our country’s critical infrastructure and resilience

October 26, 2023, Chisinau: The Republic of Moldova continues to strengthen its critical infrastructure and ensure greater resilience against threats and risks, in line with European directives. Through an ambitious project to transpose the European Directive on the Protection and Resilience of Critical Infrastructure, the Republic of Moldova is taking important steps towards strengthening national security.

These were the main topics of the meeting of the Deputy General Secretary of the MIA, Vladislav Cojuhari, with the representatives of the multidisciplinary Delegation from Romania.

During the working session, the parties talked about the European directives on the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure, developed to guarantee the protection of critical infrastructure against cyber attacks, natural disasters and other potential threats. In this sense, the Republic of Moldova recognized the importance of these measures and started the process of transposition into its national legislation.

Republic of Moldova remains firmly committed to the continuous development and improvement of the capacity to protect critical infrastructure, thus ensuring a safe and resilient environment for citizens and the economy.