Strategic Dialogue in Chisinau: 9th session of the EU Security HUB to strengthen Integrated Border Management

Between Februarie 15 and 16, 2024, Chisinau is hosting the 9th session of the EU Security HUB, focusing this year on regional cooperation for security and integrated border management.

The event gathers approximately 100 top-level officials and security experts, including the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson; the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, Jānis Mažeiks; the Chairman of the Defense, Public Order and National Security Committee of the Romanian Senate, Nicoleta Pauliuc; the Chairman of the National Security, Defense and Public Order Committee of the Moldovan Parliament, Lilian Carp; the Adviser to the Moldovan President on defense and national security and the Secretary of the Supreme Security Council of the Republic of Moldova, Stanislav Secrieru.

Discussions during the two-day 9th HUB session will focus on improving integrated border management based on interoperability between agencies such as Europol, Frontex, police forces from European countries and institutions in the field of defense, security and public order in the Republic of Moldova. This effort aims to enhance the capacity to identify and assess regional security risks, ensure quality services at the state border, increase personal safety, reduce waiting times at state border crossing points, and significantly diminish smuggling, illegal migration, and other illicit activities at border entry and exit points.

The aim of the event is for state institutions and European partners to jointly consolidate strategic directions and agree on actions and operational deliverables to be implemented, reaffirming the commitment to close collaboration to ensure regional and European security.

“Sitting at the same table, we can have a macro-level picture of risks and threats, being able to act in an integrated and focused way in order to remove the dangers immediately. It proves once again that together we are stronger in the fight against war, hybrid forms of war, cross-border crime, organized crime, drugs, arms, terrorism, extremism, illegal migration and other criminal aspects related to war in our neighborhood”, said Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros

European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson said: “The European Union remains firmly committed to working closely with the Republic of Moldova to ensure regional security, especially as Russia’s unjustified war on Ukraine continues in the neighboring country. We are in constant dialogue to identify the needs of the Moldovan authorities in terms of capacity building for law enforcement and border management. I firmly believe that the EU Security Hub session now taking place in Chisinau will bring our cooperation on border management to a more advanced level.”

According to the EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Jānis Mažeiks, the European course of the Republic of Moldova also implies an increased focus on internal security and border management, with the ultimate goal of people’s safety. “Russia’s unjustified war against Ukraine continues to generate security challenges in the region, which is why the meeting of the best experts in the field from the EU, our Member States, and the Republic of Moldova is crucial these days. I am confident that together we will identify the most effective strategic directions in this area, so that people can feel secure in these complicated times”, EU Ambassador added.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs thanked all participants for their contribution to the success of this session and reaffirmed its commitment to work together to ensure a strong regional security belt.

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