Stefano Tomat: We are here to work together

There is a need to synchronise all partners and institutions with competences in this field, as the dynamics of events affecting the security context of the Republic of Moldova are increasingly accelerated.

Minister Ana Revenco met with Director of Integrated Approach for Security and Peace (ISP) at the European External Action Service (EEAS), Stefano Tomat, in the context of the EU Partnership Mission to Moldova (EUPM) launching.

Stefano Tomat further assured that the MIA is seen as a partner that can provide the EU with valuable information and expertise, through which the MS’ community can better understand how it can synchronise its efforts and resources in order to effectively fight hybrid war.

Moldova is on the front line of this war. We perceive any collision in Odessa or Kyiv, which is felt here as a threat to your status, as a threat to the security of the EU countries. We are here to work together towards ensuring a secure environment for Moldovan citizens and those from European countries.’

In turn, the Minister of Internal Affairs said: ‘Investment in national capabilities for responding to propaganda, disinformation and other hybrid attacks must be seen as an investment in the resilience of the European Union. And I hope that the EU Partnership Mission to Moldova will be the platform to promote its twin-track strategic advice objectives here in Moldova and in Brussels. We count on your support in raising the awareness of the European community about the need for sustainable transformations in Europe’s new security ecosystem, which would include Moldova.’