Start for the tactical exercise simulating the movement of foreign delegations in the view of the upcoming EPC Summit 2023

Media Group for Security News on the European Political Community Summit 2023 which will take place in the Republic of Moldova:

Informs that tactical training exercises concerning the movement of official convoys started today at 9.00 a.m. in the Centre and Botanica neighbourhoods of the capital, with further movement to Bulboaca village.

It should be noted that the tactical simulation exercise is organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in coordination with the national security authorities and takes place in intense traffic conditions on the main streets of the capital.

The authorities count on citizens’ cooperation with the law enforcement authorities, compliance with their requirements, respect of police officers’ signs, orderly parking and compliance with traffic rules.

The MGSN-EPC states that national security authorities will hold training exercises during May to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation, interoperability and enhance the organisational and response capabilities needed for the smooth running of the EPC Summit on June 1st.

Citizens are thanked for their understanding.

The MGSN-EPC includes the communicators from the national public order, security and national defence institutions: Ministry of Internal Affairs with the General Police Inspectorate, Border Police, General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, General Inspectorate for Migration, General Inspectorate of Carabineers, MIA’s Academy ‘Stefan cel Mare’; State Protection and Guard Service; Security and Intelligence Service; Ministry of Defense; General Prosecutor’s Office; Civil Aviation Authority; National Administration of Penitentiaries.

The MGSN-EPC recommends everyone to get informed from official sources.

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