Start for the general simulation of foreign delegation convoys’ movement in view of the EPC Summit 2023

The Media Group for Security News (MGSN) on the European Political Community (EPC) Summit 2023 to be held in the Republic of Moldova informs:

National security authorities started today a training on how to meet foreign officials, board them on official convoys and transfer to Chisinau and Bulboaca on secured routes. The Chisinau International Airport works under normal regime, without any disruptions in the passenger processing flow and delays to scheduled flights.

At the same time, road traffic on the route Chisinau International Airport – Chisinau is partially suspended as more than 25 official convoys will leave the airport towards Chisinau.

The exercise will simulate the movement of official convoys to the accommodation venues in the Centre and Botanica neighbourhoods of the capital and their further movement to Bulboaca.

Road traffic on the main streets in the Centre and Botanica neighbourhoods of Chisinau, as well as in the areas surrounding the capital, will be limited until 2 p.m. while the official convoys involved in the general simulation will be moving. The patrol inspectors will be on duty to guide road traffic at intersections and on the travel routes of official convoys.

In order to ensure traffic comfort and to maintain an appropriate level of public safety and security during the simulation, the national authorities recommend:

  • travel via Buiucani neighbourhood as a transit zone to bypass the section of streets that will be used by the official convoys.
  • citizens who have planned flights for today, May 14th, until 2 p.m. are advised to leave early for the Chisinau International Airport.
  • citizens are urged to respect traffic rules and adjust their behaviour depending on traffic conditions.
  • cars should be parked only in designated parking areas so as not to block the roadway within the security perimeters.
  • citizens are urged to have their identity cards so that they can be identified if necessary.

Authorities synchronise their actions in such a way as to minimise inconvenience to traffic participants. At the same time, citizens are expected to cooperate with the law enforcement forces, comply with the requirements, follow police signs, park in a regular manner and respect traffic rules.

The MGSN specifies that special transport (ambulances, fire trucks) will have priority during the general simulation.

The aim of the exercise is to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation and interoperability between national security authorities and to enhance the organisational and response capacity necessary for the smooth running of the EPC Summit on June 1st.

The security measures are aimed at maintaining an adequate level of safety and security throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova, taking into account the respect for the daily life of people living in the capital and its surrounding areas, as well as of citizens throughout the country.

The national security, internal affairs, defence and law enforcement authorities inform citizens that a regular regime will be ensured throughout the national territory, using appropriate measures and means to maintain social stability.

The MGSN-EPC advises everyone to seek information from official sources, as information of public interest is published on official websites and shared with the media in real time.
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