Seven state institutions sign a joint order on the creation of the National Coordination Platform for the recovery of assets derived from corruption and organized crime

Seven state institutions signed a joint order today on the creation of the National Coordination Platform for the recovery of criminal assets. The signatories of the document are the National Anticorruption Center, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the National Integrity Authority, and the Superior Council of Magistrates.

The creation of the Platform and the signing of the joint Order are driven by the need to streamline the recovery of criminal assets and establish a task force to facilitate the recovery of proceeds from corruption and organized crime. The Platform’s responsibilities include discussing and addressing issues related to the  recovery of criminal assets, and, when necessary, ensuring the implementation of decisions made by entities within their legal competencies.

This is the first Task Force in the Republic of Moldova created to prevent and fight organized crime and high-level corruption through the cooperation and direct involvement of all relevant authorities, especially anti-corruption agencies, those fighting organized crime, and their supervisors, as well as those responsible for the identification, freezing/seizure, and confiscation of proceeds used by organized crime.

The Platform members will meet quarterly and whenever necessary, and will prepare by January 31 an annual activity report, which will subsequently be submitted to the parliamentary committee for national security, defense, and public order. The secretariat work will be done by the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) of the National Anticorruption Center.

The institutional control over the implementation of the order has been nominally assumed by the director of the National Anticorruption Center, Alexandr PÎNZARI, the acting Prosecutor General, Ion MUNTEANU, the Minister of Justice, Veronica MIHAILOV-MORARU, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian EFROS, the Minister of Finance, Petru ROTARU, the acting president of the Superior Council of Magistrates, Sergiu CARAMAN, and the president of the National Integrity Authority, Lilian CHIȘCA.