Sector Council ’Together4HomeAffairs’: presentation of the priorities to the development partners

The representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) held a first meeting with the representatives of the Sector Council ‘Together4HomeAffairs’. The technical meeting took place amid a challenging period when external assistance and strengthening relations with the development partners remain a priority for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Members of the Sector Council play a key role in developing and enhancing the capacity of MIA’s subdivisions in dealing with critical emergency situations.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrei Cecoltan, ambassadors and development partners have attended the event.

The Council members reviewed the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 2023, anchored in the Development Matrix and the priority actions for the system’s capacity, taken from the 6 sectoral programs of the Strategy for the Development of Internal Affairs (SDIA) for 2022-2030, namely:

– public order and security; – preventing and combating crime; – integrated state border management; – management of migration flows, asylum and integration of foreigners; – prevention and management of emergency situations; – trainings, integrity and digitisation.

At the beginning of the discussions, the parties have agreed to contribute to the implementation of the new projects for the benefit of citizens.

The experts also discussed about the assistance received during 2022 from external partners and its role in strengthening the institutional capacities of the MIA’s subdivisions.

In addition, the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have informed about the results and main objectives in the areas of competence, foreign policy activity, programs, strategic projects, activity of the Security HUB, as well as the steps taken towards the EU integration of the Republic of Moldova.

The participants have been informed about the Activity Plan and priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 2023, in the context of the national and regional situation, meant to increase the resilience of the internal affairs system to security threats.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs aims to achieve its objectives by carrying out complex missions in cooperation with external partners so as to face the challenges caused by war, subversive actions occurring on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and attempts to destabilize the situation.

The participants have expressed their readiness to continue the constructive dialogue on internal affairs. The Council members discussed the proposed mechanism for the implementation of the Development Matrix so that actions are fully, qualitatively and timely implemented.

It should be noted that the Development Matrix is a strategic tool, which provides MIA with the possibility to assess coherently the tasks set, by adjusting the institutional needs to the framework of long-term objectives.