Sector Council ’Together4HomeAffairs’ in the field of external assistance: Approval of the Development Matrix for 2023-2025

The role of external assistance is significant in achieving the development priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, thus contributing to the strengthening of infrastructure, technical equipment of workplaces, increasing access to information through the development of the IT architecture and increasing the level of expertise of the Ministry’s employees.

In order to develop and enhance the capacities of the subdivisions, as well as to make employees more resilient to new challenges, the Ministry of Interior Affairs has established the Sector Council ‘Together4 HomeAffairs’ in the field of external assistance. The Council will identify and strengthen new cooperation partnerships with the donor community, given the major objective of the MIA to enhance the internal affairs sector within the process of accession and alignment with the EU legislation.

Thus, the Council members discussed the Development Matrix for 2023-2025, which sets out the needs and priority actions for the capacity building of the system, which are taken from the 6 sectoral programmes of the Strategy on the Development of the Internal Affairs System (SDIAS) for 2022-2030, namely:

– public order and security; – preventing and fighting criminality; – integrated state border management; – management of migration, asylum and integration of foreigners; – prevention and management of emergency situations; – training, integrity and digitisation.

Also, the Council members discussed during the meeting the proposed mechanism for the implementation of the Matrix so that the actions are being carried out fully, qualitatively and on time.

In this regard, the Ministry of Interior Affairs aims to achieve the objectives set, carrying out complex missions and having effective and professional cooperation with external partners.