Russia-Ukraine dialogue: impact of the conflict on the Republic of Moldova

The security measures taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the context of the multiple crises of the last year, have been discussed online during a conference organised by LSE IDEAS from the UK.

Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco, CEO of the New Strategy Center, George Scutaru, Executive Director of the Institute for European Policies and Reform (IPRE), Iulian Groza and LSE IDEAS representative/Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) in Washington DC, Leon Hartwell, participated at the panel.

Opening the discussions, the participants analysed the volatile security situation of the Republic of Moldova, the external threats, the strengthening of the Ministry of Interior’s crime-fighting capabilities, the strengthening of strategic management and the continuing challenges in the context of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

In this regard, Minister Ana Revenco noted that the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has triggered several large-scale crises in our country, which have affected the activities of institutions and the lives of the Moldovan citizens.

The Minister has explained that the MIA’s staff have joined forces, since the first day of the war, to manage and provide protection to an inflow of almost 100 thousand refugees crossing daily our borders. In a short time, we have been hit by energy blackmail, which has led to a significant increase in the price of gas and electricity, hybrid warfare, mass destabilisation and the crisis linked to the breakdown of Europe’s supply chain due to the overloaded infrastructure caused by hundreds of thousands of trucks and goods from Ukraine. However, the Republic of Moldova has chosen its path towards the big European family.

Ms. Revenco underlined that national security capabilities have been enhanced thanks to Western partners, referring to the FRONTEX agency, which strengthens us abroad, and to the EU Support HUB in Chisinau, which fights cross-border crime.

The official thanked external partners for the support and trust given to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, expressing confidence that the Republic of Moldova’s sole place is in the European Union.

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