Romania and Moldova cooperate to train the staff of the MIA and accelerate the operationalisation of a new joint border crossing point

Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco met today with Romanian Minister of Interior Lucian Bode. The counterparts discussed several topics of common interest in order to strengthen operational cooperation between the bodies of the relevant ministries. The dialogue focused in particular on increasing Moldova’s capacity to respond adequately to current security threats.

The officials have signed the Cooperation Plan on the organization and conducting of training activities for the staff of the subdivisions of the MIA of the Republic of Moldova within the educational institutions of MIA Romania. They also reviewed the support provided through trainings of Moldovan MIA employees in various fields during 2022.

’There is already a traditional cooperative relationship between our ministries, and this can only be to the benefit of the employees of the Moldovan internal affairs system. The Romanian police has the capacity to be a good provider of best practices for our institution, and this practice would contribute to the development of the employees of the MIA’s subdivisions in order to strengthen the quality of services provided to citizens’ Revenco said.

In the framework of the bilateral meeting, it has also been discussed the urgency of the implementation of the Agreement on coordinated control at the Leuseni-Albita border crossing point, recently signed between our countries.

’So that people spend even less time when crossing the state border, and so that trucks with goods no longer stand in lines for kilometers waiting to cross the border, we have agreed that Romania will carry out government and parliamentary formalities as a matter of urgency. In turn, the Republic of Moldova would have to approve the agreement by a Government decision in the nearest future’ said Ana Revenco.

The Romanian Minister of the Interior stated: ’It is very important that this pilot project brings good results so that we can extend the control to further points on our border. Thus, this innovative mechanism could become a common practice in our joint border activities’.

During the same meeting, the two ministers informed each other about the state of progress of the Leova-Bumbata joint border point. Romania has set up a working group for the implementation of this project, while Moldova is in an advanced stage for the construction of the border point and related infrastructure.