Reflecting on 2023: achievements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in public order and security 

Despite the intricate challenges arising from an ongoing war at our border and the persistent hybrid attacks on the country, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has made notable progress in critical areas, highlighting the institution’s ability to adapt and remain effective in the face of an ever-changing security landscape.

Due to the continuous endeavors to improve services and strengthen national stability, the following achievements, shaping a productive year in the development of the national security system, are worth mentioning:

  1. Recognition of MIA’s efforts internationally:

Through engagement in partnerships with the EU and alignment with international standards, MIA contributes to strengthening security and stability, both in Moldova and the European region. Becoming a part of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism on September 29, 2023 enabled the sharing of expertise and the participation of Moldovan firefighters and rescuers in the most prestigious international cooperation network dedicated to preventing and responding to disasters. This leads to improved living conditions for individuals and services provided to citizens by the internal affairs system. Additionally, the development of external representation tools for Moldovan carabineers in international organizations, such as FIEP (International Association of Gendarmerie and Police Forces with Military Status) and the European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR), reflects MIA’s alignment with European standards. The observer status obtained in these international organizations acknowledges the positive results achieved by the General Inspectorate of Carabineers in institutional reforms.  

  • Strengthening response capacity, infrastructure and mobility development:

The inauguration of the Republican Training Center of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations is a milestone, demonstrating MIA’s strong commitment to ensuring security and operational efficiency. This modern center has classrooms, accommodation facilities, and specialized rooms for training in ICT and Tetra, offering a conducive environment for training firefighters and rescuers.

Additionally, development of the infrastructure of the TETRA Special Communication System was launched to modernize communications within MIA in order to facilitate quick exchange of information between MIA staff and international partners, thereby strengthening the efforts to fight against transborder crime. 

In terms of digitization, the list of high-quality, accessible, and secure digital services provided by the internal affairs system has been expanded. Therefore, Moldovan citizens can now obtain any type of criminal record remotely in one day both domestically and abroad.

  • Meeting EU accession requirements:

Moldova initiated significant legislative reforms to meet the requirements for joining the European Union, with a focus on amending the criminal and contravention codes. These adjustments, aimed at strengthening internal security and aligning legislation with the European standards, reflect the country’s determination to progress in the European integration process.

A key element of this legislative modernization is the approval of the Law on the use of data from the passenger name record (PNR). The law facilitates the transfer of traveler data from airlines to the Passenger Information Unit of the Border Police. The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen internal security and counter terrorist activities.

Finally, the anti-drug testing law was approved, emphasizing the efforts to prevent and combat the consumption of and trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. The law empowers police officers to test suspected drivers for drugs.

Furthermore, MIA launched the national campaign ‘Safe Roads in Moldova 2023-2024,’ #BeSafeOnTheRoad, on December 2, 2023. This effort, carried out in collaboration with governmental bodies and external partners, seeks to educate citizens on appropriate conduct in traffic and raise awareness about the risks associated with inappropriate behavior. Via this campaign, authorities strive to foster a sense of responsibility among traffic participants, reduce the incidence of road accidents, and save more lives.

  • Measures to combat violence and sexual abuse:

MIA adopted a proactive and integrated approach to combat violence and abuse, which materialized in two initiatives – the Family Justice Center of the Police and the National Mechanism for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse Material (NMRCSAM). The Family Justice Center was developed through close collaboration between authorities, civil society, and development partners. This unique service provides a rapid intersectoral response to cases of domestic violence, tailored to the specific needs of victims.

Moldova also successfully implemented the NMRCSAM, enabling quick identification of perpetrators and punishment of sexual offenders against children. This mechanism not only prevents the repeated victimization of children but also ensures the removal of illegal content from the Internet.

Additionally, in April 2023, Moldova joined the global INHOPE network, strengthening its position in an international community dedicated to combating online child sexual abuse.

These measures demonstrate the country’s commitment to create a safe and protected environment for all members of society.

  • Strengthening Moldova’s borders:

MIA stepped up efforts to strengthen the country’s borders, demonstrating a strong commitment to strengthen national security and streamline border operations. The acquisition of 37 vehicles for the Border Police and the General Inspectorate for Migration highlights the commitment to enhancing equipment and streamlining operations at the border.

There is also a strong commitment to strengthening the capacity to respond to the elements of hybrid war through increased cooperation through the EU Security Hub. The participation of FRONTEX officers in the border crossing authorization process is also a tangible initiative in this regard, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to national security.

It is worth noting that a new border crossing point, Leova – Bumbăta, was created for international road traffic this year at the Moldova – Romania border. This initiative reduces waiting times at other state border crossing points and is a significant step towards streamlining border management in line with European standards.

These are just a few of the notable achievements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2023, illustrating the institution’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding the well-being of the Moldovan citizens and the country’s European path. We have played an active role in fulfilling the requirements for EU accession, giving precedence to the adoption of European practices, ultimately resulting in the opening of accession negotiations.

The MIA team remains resolute in its commitment to ongoing efforts for adaptation and development, aiming to ensure a safer and more prosperous future for the entire population of the country. In 2024, we will continue to respond promptly to the needs and concerns of our citizens, promote transparency, and apply best practices to protect the community.As this year is coming to an end, we express our gratitude for your support, citizens and residents of the Republic of Moldova. We look ahead with confidence towards the European future that we will be building together in the coming year.