Redefining the concept of home affairs, on the platform of the EU Security Hub in Chisinau

The knowledge gained during the first 6 month of the EU Security HUB has already laid the foundations for cross-border operations, improved foresight, synergies, and strategic decision-making processes and brought substantial benefit to both Moldova and the EU. At this moment we’ve attested a diversification of threats, generating new challenges for the law enforcement, security communities, defense, and to society.

“Our Mission is to make Europe safer by detecting threats and providing solutions – together at the right time in the right place.” mentioned the deputy general secretary of MIA, Vlad Cojuhari.

Today we are the authors of redefining the concept of the internal affairs system by combining the pillars of Defense Security, Home Affairs and Technology. On behalf of the European Union Support HUB for Internal Security and State Border Management (EU Security HUB), on July 14th, 2023, we launched activities in the frames of the Hub working groups on the subjects of hybrid threats and large seizure cases.

The EU Security HUB working groups were established in the framework of the Hub Foresight Document on March 17th, 2023, based on the discussed necessity to improve the working strategy, to encourage the proactivity, and to maximize the quality and quantity of the information exchange.

The first working group dedicated to the subject of hybrid threats is based on the idea to develop together comprehensive strategies, effective counter-intelligence responses by having a deep understanding of the current evolvements of the hybrid warfare, and taking proactive measures to mitigate their impact for creating potential vulnerabilities.

The second working group dedicated to the subject of large seizures is focused on the situations with possible involvement in transnational crimes and security incidents. This group is having the purpose to obtain information, leads, and evidence in due time through collaboration, thus giving strings for identifying and prosecuting unlawful conduct.

The growing relevance of geo-political developments in the entire region has caused tremendous changes to the European security eco-system. The ongoing armed conflict at the eastern borders of the European Union creates a fertile ground for cross-border activities of criminal networks while the aggressor is increasingly seeking to enlarge his sphere of influence by using hybrid tactics outside of the battlefield.

In the given context, the EU Security HUB is the appropriate intervention mechanism in case of the materialization of threats that may endanger the security of the Moldova and, through it, that of the EU.