Protection of children in the sights of MIA and UNICEF

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had a meeting with the Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the Republic of Moldova, Maha Damaj.

The discussions concerned the Continuous Work Plan for 2023-2024, signed on July 12, 2023, within the Republic of Moldova – UNICEF 2023-2027 Cooperation Program and the implementation of the provisions in the main areas of action.

The program stipulates that, in the next four years, rehabilitation, counseling, education and social reintegration programs adapted to the gender-specific needs of each child, will be developed. National capacities will be strengthened in order to protect children at risk from all forms of violence, while taking into account their best interests and their views, as well as the protection of women who have become victims of violence.

In this sense, the importance of didactic materials, guides, tools and standard procedures in the protection of children were mentioned. Another aspect analyzed was the professionalization of MIA employees and the strengthening of the capabilities of those who interact with children, including refugees.

Those present emphasized the need for training for employees of the internal affairs system, which would allow them to effectively address the problems of children with and for whom they work, as well as the creation, provision of tools and programs for prevention, protection and intervention in cases of online abuse and exploitation of the children.

We specify that the cooperation program established between the Republic of Moldova and the United Nations Children’s Fund provides for a distinct plan of systemic actions at the national level in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for the development of mechanisms through which integrated and prompt services and responses can be offered to the needs of children affected by various forms of violence.