Productive dialogue about strengthening cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine for peace in the region and in the European Union

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, had an online meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Ihor Klymenko. In the discussions, Adrian Efros expressed his solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are now fighting not only for peace in Ukraine, but also for peace in the Republic of Moldova and the European Union.

The two officials briefed each other on the current situation, ways to deal with the consequences of the war, avoiding further conflicts on the continent and restoring peace. At the same time, the both leaders discussed on the further actions to take in the path of become an EU country and ways to provide better quality of services for the citizens, according to the EU standards. In this sense, the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation and coordinate efforts in the process of initiating accession negotiations, especially at expert level, was mentioned.

Subsequently, the ministers spoke about the measures taken by the Moldovan and Ukrainian authorities at the state border and in managing the flow of refugees. Also, the counterparts evaluated the possibilities of expanding the joint control at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, in order to facilitate the transit of goods, including the railway one. The measures will help reduce economic blackmail from Russia and ensure the security of the food chain between Ukraine and the European Union.

Adrian Efros assured Ihor Klymenko that MIA is in solidarity with the pain of Ukrainian citizens and is ready to continue providing all support, including assistance to those fleeing the war.