Partnership with the EESC: Strengthening security and supporting European integration

Today, April 17, 2024, Adrian Efros, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova (MIA) had a meeting with Oliver RÖPKE, President of the Workers’ Group at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), aimed at fostering bilateral cooperation and advancing shared objectives in the field of security and European integration.

Emphasizing Moldova’s steadfast commitment to EU integration, Minister Efros highlighted the significance of implementing the EU acquis and enhancing capacities as integral components of the country’s strategic trajectory.

„As other countries have done before us, we are leveraging the expertise of our colleagues from across European nations” stated Minister Efros. „We are deeply appreciative of the support provided by European institutions for initiatives aimed at bolstering security, infrastructure development, and improving living conditions in the Republic of Moldova.”

The Minister underscored Moldova’s active engagement in collaborative platforms and instruments of the EU, resulting in a significant reduction in the time required for the transfer of knowledge and expertise. He highlighted Moldova’s plenary participation in the policy cycle of the EU, more specifically by its active engagement in all EMPACT priorities of Europol and increased exchange of information via Siena channels and Joint Investigation Teams.

In the context of bilateral cooperation, Minister Efros suggested three working scenarios for enhanced cooperation, ranging from joint information reports on combating cross-border crimes to preparing resolutions addressing hybrid threats.

To institutionalize cooperation, the official suggested the establishment of a permanent contact point on security-related issues between Moldova and the EESC, aimed at facilitating dialogue, knowledge-sharing, alignment of policies and actions, and improving efforts to address transborder challenges.

In conclusion, Minister Efros reiterated the importance of streamlining the communication channels and information sharing between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the European Economic and Social Committee. He emphasized that such efforts would not only bolster security and stability in the region but also advance the interests of both Moldova and the European Union.