Partnership for security and defense: bilateral meeting between Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros and Civilian Operations Commander Stefano Tomat

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova, Adrian Efros, had a bilateral meeting today in Brussels with Stefano Tomat, Managing Director for Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability and Civilian Operation Commander of the European Union’s External Action Service (EEAS). The discussion underscored the robust partnership between Moldova and the European Union, particularly through the European Union Partnership Mission (EUPM) and the innovative initiatives under the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP).

During the meeting, Minister Efros expressed gratitude for the unwavering support provided by EUPM and emphasized EUPM’s flexibility in pooling resources from diverse fields of expertise. He highlighted the success of the Moldovan CSDP mission, represented by EUPM, which have already yielded tangible results through initiatives such as the Foreign Policy Instrument, Tetra with German support, and Artificial Intelligence projects supported by Austria and Finland. “We are advancing in various critical areas, from establishing a crisis center to aligning with EU standards and addressing hybrid threats,” stated the official.

A significant milestone in Moldova-EU relations was the recent signing of the Security and Defense Partnership. In this context, the officials explored opportunities for transforming the partnership’s objectives into short-term actions, especially in light of the pressures from the Russian Federation due to upcoming elections, as well as leveraging other EEAS Strategic Compass tools to enhance Moldova’s capabilities and capacities.

Minister Efros emphasized the importance of communicating to Moldovan citizens how these initiatives contribute to national stability, security, and alignment with European values.

“The impact of the Strategic Compass and the CSDP in Moldova extends beyond traditional security measures. These efforts have contributed to Moldova’s broader reform agenda, by promoting good governance, rule of law, and respect for human rights. By supporting these values, Strategic Compass has helped Moldova move closer to its goal of democratic consolidation and economic development”, the Minister said.

Additionally, Minister Efros stressed the need to continue and deepen the EU-Moldova partnership, reinforcing the commitment to shared values, and enhancing collaborative security efforts, noting: “Together, we can ensure that Moldova remains on a path of progress, resilience, and closer integration with the European family”.

The Strategic Compass, approved by the European Union and its member states in 2022, is an ambitious plan of action for strengthening the EU’s security and defense policy by 2030. The Compass covers all the aspects of the security and defense policy and is structured around four pillars: act, invest, partner and secure.

The European External Action Service, through the Common Security and Defense Policy and Strategic Compass missions, has been an invaluable partner in our country’s journey toward stability, security, and European integration.