Moldova’s response to refugee crisis discussed with Swiss delegation

State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Jana Costachi participated in a meeting with a delegation from the State Secretariat for Migration of Switzerland, led by Jasmine Amsler, Policy Adviser in the Swiss International Affairs Directorate, and representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Moldova.

The purpose of the meeting was to understand the needs of the Moldovan authorities related to the Ukraine refugee response.

Jana Costachi, along with Mihail Voda, the Head of the General Inspectorate for Migration, presented the temporary protection documentation center of the General Inspectorate for Migration.

The delegation was briefed on the activities of the Integration Centre, reception and information desks for foreigners who have received residence permits or have been granted protection in Moldova.

Discussions also covered the efforts of governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to provide legal status to foreigners in Moldova, facilitate the integration of refugees fleeing conflicts, and address challenges posed by the regional crisis, the war in the neighboring country and the refugee influx.

The Secretary of State emphasized Moldova’s efforts in managing the refugee crisis and the solutions offered by authorities, with the support and involvement of non-governmental organizations. Jana Costachi also highlighted initiatives to align the national regulatory framework with the European Union legislation on human rights, identify existing challenges and adapt national standards to global migration management developments.

The Head of the General Inspectorate for Migration also stressed the importance of digitizing services and improving their quality for foreign residents, including supplying the Inspectorate with appropriate equipment and mobility tools, and improving the infrastructure for handling emergencies caused by mass arrivals of displaced persons.

Members of the delegation commended the Moldovan authorities for handling the refugee crisis. Currently, there are 117,531 displaced persons from Ukraine in Moldova, with 49,848 persons pre-registered in the General Inspectorate for Migration’s temporary protection information system between March 1, 2023, and March 18, 2024. 40,787 identity cards were issued to beneficiaries of temporary protection, including 11,782 for minors.